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Freight Dispatcher Training Program

We Teach You How To Start A Profitable Freight Dispatching Service From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Owner Operators Need Freight Dispatchers Now!
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Who: Owner Operators nationwide need Independent freight dispatchers. The number of small trucking companies that lose thousands of dollars daily due to poorly trained freight dispatchers is overwhelming. These trucking companies welcome independent contractors to help keep their carriers loaded.

Owner Operators and Small Fleets are looking for motivated individuals that can provide them with the best paying freight. You will operate your business from comfort of there own home as an “Independent Freight Dispatchers”. Small trucking companies will require your services because it is not economically feasible to hire a full time freight dispatcher to find them freight. You will work with Shippers, Freight Brokers and Freight Forwarders on behalf of the trucking companies that you represent as a load planner.

What: The purpose of the Freight Dispatcher is to serve as the back office for the motor carrier. Freight dispatchers will locate Manufacturers, Distributors or obtain loads from Freight Brokers in the general vicinity of the his unloading location. The freight dispatcher will utilize many resources to complete this task. He will use internet load boards, trade directories and also manufacturer resources.

The Independent Freight Dispatcher is a vital resource for the Owner Operator. He in turn is compensated for his services through receiving a percentage of the gross amount of the freight charges that is billed by the motor carrier. A Independent Freight Dispatcher only needs to represent (5) trucks to make over $100,000 per year in this industry. The transportation industry is booming.

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Here Is Exactly What You Will Learn With This Valuable Program!

  • Job Duties

    Our instructors outline the correct Job Duties of a successful Freight Dispatcher for a Trucking Company or Owner Operator.

  • Finding Profitable Freight

    We show you all the tips and techniques for obtaining profitable freight opportunities for the trucking companies you represent.

  • Freight Rate Negotiations

    It is your job as a Freight Dispatcher to negotiate the highest freight rates possible for your carriers. We show you how to do it!

  • Contracts, Agreements and Paperwork

    We teach you the complete paperwork transfer process between the Direct Shipper or Freight Broker. Keep your trucks loaded!

  • Load Invoicing, Billing & Collections

    One of the most important jobs of a Freight Dispatcher is to invoice loads correctly for payment. We show you how to make this a seamless process.

  • Driver Recruiting

    We show you how to find Owner Operators or Small Fleet Owners that will require your services. This means you make more money!

Look What's Included In This Offer!

  • (8) Pre-Recorded Video Training Modules

    Our instructors have recorded the entire class. We walk you through every phase of the job “Step by Step”.

  • Freight Dispatcher Study Guide

    We also provide you with a comprehensive study guide which accompanies the video presentations.

  • Contracts, Forms and Agreements

    We also provide you with the agreements necessary to operate your Freight Dispatching service.

  • Fuel Surcharge Calculator

    We provide you with a Fuel Surcharge Calculator to help you get the best rate for your trucks on dedicated freight lanes.

  • Business Marketing Materials

    We want you to “Hit The Ground Running”. I will provide the marketing materials you need to succeed.

  • Thousands Of Shipper Contacts

    You will need freight to load your trucks. We’re going to give you the contacts to get them moving in no time.

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You Can Literally Be Making Money Within (24) Hours With This Program!

Order Now - Instant Download - Only $199.95

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