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Transportation Training Group freight broker training instructors are seasoned sales professionals in the trucking industry, they are some of the most successful freight broker agents in America. The techniques you will learn for freight brokering have been perfected through so they will consistently produce “Top Earners”. Once you complete either the truck dispatching or freight broker training programs, you are guaranteed to be on your way to a successful new career.

You will soon find out that our students benefit from the professional advice and mentoring after completion of your freight broker training. Our mission is to create a long-lasting relationship with you so you can become one of the greatest leaders in this industry. We serve as a coach, role model, and an adviser to each and every one of our students as they learn how to apply the skills they learned once they completed one of our freight broker training programs.

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Our Freight Broker Training programs are the most comprehensive available. You will soon find out that this is an “Explosive” industry and the opportunity is right at your doorstep. We will instruct you on ALL aspects required to succeed.

Operations, Licensing and Legalities...

I will "Show You" all the licensing requirements for establishing a freight brokerage in the U.S.A. I will also "Teach You" the legalities involved in brokering freight. I will give you access to my "Personal Contacts" on where to "Save Money" starting your freight brokerage.

Marketing Freight To Motor Carriers...

The need for Carrier Capacity from shippers is at an all time high. We not only provide you with a very substantial motor carrier database. We show you "How To" get them to pull your freight for a profit!

Building A Shipper Customer Base...

Build Your Book of Business! You will learn what the profitable freight is and where to find it. Do not get caught up in the quagmire of trying to move loads that make no money. Learn to move freight like "The Pro's"!

Trailers & Trucking Equipment Types...

I will teach you about every type of equipment and trailer available, what types of freight that it loaded on it, how you charge for the service and where to find the trucking companies who have it.

Truck Agents & Independent Freight Dispatching...

The opportunities are endless in the transportation industry other than just brokering freight. We will introduce you to (3) additional profit centers that you can do at the same time as brokering freight. You can "Double" your income with half the work!

Contacts, Forms & Agreements...

We will walk you through the complete process "Step By Step" of all the Contracts, Forms and Agreements that will be required while performing your duties as a Freight Broker. Getting paperwork prepared correctly is essential.

Here Are Just A Few More Of The Powerful Features...

We provide you with a "Turn-Key" solution to operating a successful freight brokerage, we show you all the "Tricks of the Trade". No other freight broker training program available can match what we offer for "Price or Performance".

100 % Guaranteed Job Placement

Guaranteed Job Placement, once you have completed the Freight Broker Training webinar you will be ready to start earning money immediately. We have freight brokerages waiting in line to accept our students.

The Transportation Industry Is Exploding
With Opportunity For Freight Brokers...

Entrepreneur magazine has rated the freight brokerage business as one of the top home-based businesses to own, and a recent Wall Street Journal article cited freight brokering and logistics as the largest growing sector of the transportation industry. Use what you learn from our course to break into the $1.4 trillion dollar-plus shipping industry.

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