Updated 2018 Edition

The Freight Broker
Self Study Course

We are presenting a Step-By-Step resource for establishing a freight brokerage, working from your home, financing, finding customers, hiring independent sales agents, and negotiating loads with both shippers and motor carriers.  We you provide you with the resources needed to succeed.

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Take A Good Look At What You Will Receive
In This Powerful Self Study Course

  • Freight Broker - Study Guide and Resource Manual

    The manual will cover every part of the job such as: Operations, Freight Dispatching, Freight and Equipment Types, Finding Shippers, Finding Motor Carriers, Insurances, Legalities, Contracts, Cold Calling, Marketing Techniques, Sales Techniques and much, much more……

  • Freight Broker Contracts, Forms and Agreements

    We also provide every Form and Agreement needed to complete your business transactions with motor carriers to transport your freight. We also include agreements for recruiting sales agents. These documents are provided in Microsoft Word format for easy editing to input your company information.

  • Fuel Surcharge Calculator

    We even include a Fuel Surcharge Calculator to help you get the highest rates per mile from your shippers on your freight. This will guide you to adjust your freight rates with the rising price of diesel fuel. This means you make more money!

  • Shippers To Get You Started

    We are going to include over 1000 freight shippers to get you started right away in the industry. These shippers are broken down by state for easy research. We even show you what type of equipment they need for the freight!

  • Business Marketing Materials

    We even give you customizable Marketing Materials which you can use to attract new motor carriers to transport your freight or new customers.

  • Freight Broker License, Bond and BOC 3 Application

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I've Made It As Easy As Possible To Succeed!

The Transportation Industry Is Exploding With Opportunity For Freight Brokers...

Freight Brokering has been ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the best home based businesses to start. This business requires very little investment capital to operate and also very little experience. Freight brokering is an easy-to-start and extremely profitable business. Transportation Training Group makes it even easier for you to succeed.

Entrepreneur Magazine has rated the freight brokerage business as one of the top home-based businesses to own, and a recent Wall Street Journal article cited freight brokering and logistics as the largest growing sector of the transportation industry. Use what you learn from our course to break into the $1.4 trillion dollar-plus shipping industry.

"I have applied the skills that I learned from Scott Woods and upon his advise, I opened my own successful Freight Dispatching Service for Owner Operators from Eastern Block Countries."

Svetlana Timoshenko
Little Odessa Freight Dispatch

This Really Worked For Me! I did not have a lot of extra money to invest to start a new business so I tried this program out. I was able to start my own freight brokerage and keep my trucks loaded all the time

Igor Dementyev
Red Star Logistics

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I will show you how to setup your Freight Brokerage correctly and make a profit! I will furthermore teach you the “Tricks of the Trade.”

We equip you with the skills for operating your own freight brokerage agency with minimal expenses. You will be making money in no time!


(Special - Only $199.95)

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