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I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for everything you have done for me. In December 2014, I decided to walk away from my career as a logistician in the Marine Corps. Although I did not officially end my Marine Corps career until June 2015, I knew I needed to start putting things in place so I could transition out of the service with ease. My father owns a successful transportation company in the oil and gas industry. So naturally, he steered me towards staying in the transportation industry. He suggested I should look into starting a brokerage.

After doing some research, I found your online school and decided to reach out to you and sign up for the two week course. The course was amazing! The amount of insight and small class size made it easy to ask questions and quickly pick up the information needed to start my brokerage. I really liked the templates and tools you gave us. I still go back and reference the classes frequently. The part I like most about the class was the ongoing support and mentorship you provided to me over the past 6 months, long after the class was over and there was no personal gain for you.

We have talked 2-3 times a week since. I truly want to thank you for pushing me to succeed. As a result of this class, my brokerage is on track to haul over 2000 loads over the next year. We have contracts set up with two Fortune 100 companies. We are excited for our future. Thanks again!!

Clint Sharp
Clint Sharp Ryker Logistics

America's Most Successful Freight Broker Training Programs...

Transportation Training Group has been providing quality freight broker and freight broker agent training programs for almost twenty (20) years. We are recognized as America's Freight Broker Training Experts by the leaders in the logistics and freight brokerage industry. We offer a myriad of programs to suit anyone's budget or time constraints. We also offer Guaranteed Placement Services to all of our students. Our programs consist of  Freight Broker Training Webinars, Freight Dispatcher Training Programs and Freight Broker Home Study Programs.

Have you been looking for a real business opportunity that allows you to work from your home or office? Then look no further because I would like to introduce you to the industry of Freight Brokering. You will soon find out that this is an “Explosive” industry and the opportunity is right at your doorstep. The transportation industry needs freight broker agents now more than anytime in history. The American Trucking Association forecasts there will be over $1,300,000,000,000 (That’s Over One Trillion Dollars!) worth of freight that will be transported annually throughout North America in 2024. The forecast for the next ten years in booming!

The opportunities are endless or Freight Brokers, Freight Broker Agents and Independent Freight Dispatchers. Those who are successful in the industry are making excellent incomes out of the comfort of their own home.

Freight Broker Training On Demand

Convenient Online Instruction

Instructors will advise you which which modules will be covered for the daily freight broker training session. Classes will include daily handouts and training materials. While most Internet classes use e-mail and a discussion board, some of our classes will may live chat and discussion.

TTG's online courses are delivered via the Internet and are accessible to students at there convenience. Students can access the self-paced courses 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for a specified period of time. The time period that the course is available to participating students varies depending upon the length of the course. Training programs include features such as slides with audio narration, photographs, graphics, videos, scenarios, and recommended optional reading.